Other Events

Dr. Abey is offering a series of Healing Evenings with Healing Water, Samadhi Meditations and Ancient Healing Wisdom teachings, workshops, lectures and private consultations.

Dr. Abey’s Healing Evening Events

Healing Water with Ancient Healing Wisdom
You will receive personal attention from Dr. Abey while you experience healing with the ancient miracle of chanting mantra. Dr. Abey transfers powerful healing energy to you by reading the colors of your aura while energizing water for you.  You will experience a direct connection with Dr. Abey. Many people experience life-changing events with healing of your life, mind and body.

Please bring a 1 litre bottle of water (glass preferred, no metal) to be energized by Dr. Abey – drink a small portion everyday for health perfection and energy. These special evenings are open to your family and friends. Gratitude offerings appreciated.

Dr. Abey’s Healing Wisdom Teachings

Discover the Benefits of Ancient Wisdom
You will experience Dr. Abey’s goal to evoke a feeling of value and appreciation for fundamental life-giving and life-sustaining principles to help you successfully navigate the challenges of the 21st century. You will learn how to relieve physical and mental, visible and invisible sufferings to live a life filled with JOY, HEALTH and SUCCESS.

To RSVP for one of these healing evenings please send us an email with the date or dates you wish to attend at info@rankemaworldsummit.com