Hela Bima Rice Project

The Hela Bima Rice Project:  Rice for Life
Hela Bima World Foundation
Dr. Jayanath Abeywickrama
Sri Lanka

Welcome to the Sri Lanka Rice Project. A return to sacred traditions. Nature-friendly agriculture; fertilizer and chemical-free.


There was an ancient time in Sri Lanka when farmers were revered by kings. Their status in the social and economic culture was held extremely high; they were the bridge between the earth and the people.

As the first world countries brought modern techniques to the third world, chemicals and fertilizers were introduced, and the farmers’ sacred methods were no longer in favor. The farmers lost their tradition and worthiness, and so we began to consume toxic products.  After many years, Dr. Abeywickrama gained the trust of the farmers and together they are working to produce and export rice grown with agro-wisdom.

Dr. Jayanath Abeywickrama’s Mission:

Ayurvedic Physican, Dr. Abeywickrama is bringing back the ancient methods of farming and instilling the once-lost traditions and worthiness for all farmers by providing an opportunity for them to participate in harvesting this sacred rice.  He is implementing this toxic-free process for today’s farmers, and is able to present this process to other countries so they too may gain prosperity while providing a healthy diet, gaining confidence and independence.

The Method:

Dr. Abeywickrama teaches with practical application, examples and experience giving farmers the tools on how they can gain success, prosperity and good health with their own mind powers without external refuge.  He has proven spiritual powers harvest a better crop and provides a pure harvest doubling productivity.  This is a mission that is heart-warming to the farmers and the country as a whole.

The Result:

Ancient species of rice harvested the traditional way are a pure strain of rice higher in nutrients than the more common “hybrid” strains of rice on the market. These pure rice strains are known to help control disease including obesity and diabetes.

Farmers now produce many nutritious ancient varieties of rice without chemicals and fertilizers.  The harvest production is double and healthy for the consumer, bringing a new sense of well-being and gratitude to the farmer and their villages. The elimination of these toxins has shown many health benefits to the people in the communities and has reduced the occurrence of disease within the population. There are new schools for children and renewed spiritual practice to enlighten their path.


Thank you for supporting this sacred rice blessed and grown by the loving hands with conscious blessings from the farmers of Sri Lanka!

“May a world that affirms in oneness, health as the highest gain, contentment as the highest wealth, awaken its note of joy in the human kingdom.”

-Dr. Jayanath Abeywickrama

All profits are distributed to the farmers.

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